Ultimate Trigger for CZ

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Color: Black
Material: Steel
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The shape of the ultimate trigger was developed with help of biomechanical engineers and physician for the best possible ergonomics, performance and perfect functioning of your trigger with the CZ platform. The radius of the curve in the trigger is half way between the factory trigger and our flat trigger giving the best of both.

There are two adjustable screws the trigger that allow for custom adjustment in both directions, both pre and after travel. The ability to remove unnecessary pre travel allows the trigger in double action mode to have a shorter reach which helps with smaller hands. The over travel screw allows for a shorter press and reset.

The end of the trigger has a tighter radius than the factory model and won't bottom out against the frame of the pistol, it also allows for smaller hands to feel more comfortable. 

The DA/SA Ultimate Trigger allows for more precise control of the trigger press and reset!

Specially produced for use in Double Action mode with your CZ pistol. Works perfectly with all steel framed CZ pistols with any installed disconnectors. 

NOTE - Due to the difference in tolerances and thickness of pistol coating you may not need the Double Action Pre Travel Screw 4mm and 3mm in the CZ Shadow 2 Platform, they may not function because of little available pre travel.

Legal in IPSC and USPSA Production


  • CZ 75
  • CZ 75 SP-01
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Line
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Orange
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical
  • CZ 75 B&BD
  • CZ Shadow 2
  • CZ Shadow 2 Orange

Set includes

  • Ultimate Trigger for CZ Shadow
  • Screw for Eemann Tech triggers (after travel) for CZ (ET-131002)
  • Screw for (pre travel) adjustment - 4mm length (ET-131004)
  • Screw for (pre travel) adjust - 3mm length (ET-131003)
  • Competition Trigger Pin (ET-130064)
  • Competition Trigger Spring (ET-131109)
  • 1.5 mm L-Shape Hex Key (ET-030012)

You have all you need for the perfect trigger group in one package. Installation takes only a few minutes.

Available colors: Black, Silver, Gold


  • Aluminium (Black, Silver)
  • Brass (Gold)
  • Steel (Black)

Eemann Tech

EEMANN TECH är ett företag som grundades av experter med bred erfarenhet och kunskap inom IPSC praktisk skyttesport samt vapensmedsarbete. Kombinationen av dessa komponenter har gjort oss till en av de bästa leverantörerna för tävlande IPSC-skyttar som förstår deras behov. Eemann's mål är att tillfredsställa sina kunder med kvalitetsprodukter och professionell service. Eemann kombinerar precist teknik, prestandastandarder och långsiktig erfarenhet för att leverera produkter av hög kvalitet och precision.

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