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Introducing the SG Timer GO - Your Ultimate Shooting Companion

SG Timer GO is compact shot timer packed with cutting-edge technology and advanced features that will take your training to new heights.

SG Timer GO inherits the advanced features of its older brother, such as smart sensors and recognition algorithms that ensure precise and reliable performance under any condition.

Key Features

Louder Buzzer SG Timer GO features a loud buzzer, perfect for training in large groups and ensuring that everyone can hear and stay in sync with ease.

Sound-Activated Trigger Detection This timer takes your training to a whole new level by capturing the sound of your trigger pull. It provides valuable feedback and data to help you refine your shooting skills and achieve your goals.

Custom Dry Fire Sessions SG Timer GO allows you to program and save custom dry fire sessions. It offers a clear indication of your performance relative to your training goals, helping you track your progress effectively.

Echo Filtering No shot goes unnoticed with SG Timer GO. All shooting data is saved and analyzed, ensuring that every shot is accounted for, and you get the most accurate feedback possible.

Ample Built-In Memory SG Timer GO boasts a built-in memory that can store statistics for up to 1,000,000 shots. You can review your shooting history and track your improvement over time.

Plan with Precision - PAR Mode Plan your training sessions in advance using the PAR mode. It empowers you to structure your training sessions for maximum efficiency.

High Sensitivity SG Timer GO is equipped with high sensitivity, capable of fixing shots of any caliber. You can adjust the sensitivity from 1 to 100 to match your specific needs.

Customizable Volume Tailor the sound inside the timer to your preferences with adjustable volume settings, ranging from 5 to 100. It ensures a comfortable and personalized training experience.

Sync with Other Timers - SPY Mode SG Timer GO offers SPY mode, enabling you to sync it with other shot timers seamlessly. Stay synchronized with your training partners or colleagues effortlessly.

User-Friendly Design With a top-mounted display and a simplified interface, the SG Timer GO allows you to focus on your training without distractions. It features just two buttons - Start/Stop and preset change for intuitive operation.

Seamless Preset Configuration Configure presets in advance using the Drills app and switch between them effortlessly on the timer. No more wasted time at the range - get straight to your training regimen.

Quick Release Belt Clip SG Timer GO comes with a quick release belt clip, ensuring a sturdy mounting mechanism and easy access. Simply push the lever to secure or release the timer with convenience.

Long-Lasting Battery Life Enjoy up to 80 hours of continuous shooting on a single charge. The USB-C port ensures quick and hassle-free charging when needed.

Unlock the Full Potential with the Drills App The Drills mobile app expands the functionality of the SG Timer GO beyond your imagination. Capture videos with shot data, monitor your progress, control the timer remotely, compete with others, and more – all for FREE.

Experience the future of shooting training with the SG Timer GO. Elevate your skills, track your progress, and achieve your shooting goals like never before. Get ready to GO and conquer the shooting range with confidence!

Included in the box

  • SG Timer
  • Belt holder
  • USB–C Cable
  • Lanyard

  • Quick start guide



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Customer Reviews

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Jörgen Bengtsson
SG Timer Go - Perfektion

Denna timer är allt man kan önska, i alla fall tillsammans med gratis appen. Användningen är oändlig känns det som. I sin enkelhet. Väldigt nöjd!

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