Gunsmithing Modern Firearms, by Bryce M. Towsley

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One of America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley is back again to provide even more projects for anyone interested in building, customizing, fixing, or maintaining firearms.

Gunsmith Towsley offers detailed explanations and includes color illustrations for just about every aspect of gun modification, builds, and repair. Featured tutorials include:
  • how to customize a GLOCK handgun
  • build a 1911 handgun or an AR-15 rifle from parts
  • how to do spray on gun coatings
  • turning a Mosin-Nagant into a tactical rifle
  • building a precision or hunting rifle from scratch
  • and much more

This extensive information is important to anybody interested in firearms care, modification, repair, or improvement. It takes the reader from easy-to-do, “kitchen table” projects through advanced techniques. There is something in these pages for anybody interested in working on firearms, and Towsley’s writing style is easy to read and understand and the humor will make you laugh while you learn.

“Gunsmithing is a great hobby. It brings satisfaction that few others can achieve. There is the pride in fixing something that is broken and in feeling the artistic achievement when you modify a firearm to make it better.”—Bryce M. Towsley


304 pages


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