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The set of Eemann Tech Adjustable sights for CZ Shadow has been designed specifically for Practical Shooting or Target Shooting disciplines (USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, ISSF).

This adjustable rear sight is intended only for CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW and CZ SHADOW 2 pistols.

One click of vertical or horizontal adjusting screw corresponds approximately to 1 cm on the target at distance of 25 m (sights radius on CZ SP-01 SHADOW is 17 cm). 

Suitable height of the front sight is recommended 7,5mm.

Cutout in rear sight blade is 3 x 2,5 mm.
Sight base dimension is 9,7 x 16 mm.

The Eemann Tech Front Sight for CZ SHADOW has been specially developed and produced for CZ SHADOW 2, CZ 75 handguns and its modifications. 

The visible side of the Eemann Tech front sight is checkered in order to obtain maximum clarity and eliminate a glare or reflection that is common on polished surfaces.

The length of visible fibre rod is 8 mm which ensures optimal light transmition of the fiber rod while aiming.

A small precut recess has already been preliminary made in the base of the front sight for more convenient drilling after installing it on the slide.

The height of the front end of the Eemann Tech CZ 75 Front Sight is lower than its back end for making the visible side of the sight sharper while aiming.

On the visible side of the front sight within the open-end hole meant for fibre rod, there is an additional small-scale recess that the fibre melted end can be pulled into which forms a red dot of smooth diameter at the end of the fibre used for aiming.

The latest technology coating keeps the appearance of the sight much longer than the factory made front sights.


  • Front Sight Fiber Optics Rod Diameter: 1,0 mm or 1,5 mm
  • Front Sight Height: 7,5 mm
  • Front sight Wide: 3.0 mm
  • Front Sight Fiber Optics Rod visible length: 8 mm

Set includes

  • ET-130008 - Adjustable Rear sight: 1 pc.
  • ET-130221 - Eemann Tech Front Sight for CZ Shadow with 1mm (or ET-130321 with 1,5mm) Red Fiber Optics Rod - 1 pc.
  • ET-130058 - Front Sight Pin for CZ
  • ET-020002 - Eemann Tech drill for the CZ front sight installation - 1pc.
  • ET-130010 - Eemann Tech Sight Drifting Punch Tool - 1pc.
  • ET-030050 - Eemann Tech Rear Sights Adjustment Screw - 1pc.

Note: The height of factory made front sight on CZ 75 SP01 SHADOW is 5.5 mm.

Recommended height of the front sights that could be used with Eemann Tech adjustable real sight is 7.5 mm. Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.  

Eemann Tech

EEMANN TECH är ett företag som grundades av experter med bred erfarenhet och kunskap inom IPSC praktisk skyttesport samt vapensmedsarbete. Kombinationen av dessa komponenter har gjort oss till en av de bästa leverantörerna för tävlande IPSC-skyttar som förstår deras behov. Eemann's mål är att tillfredsställa sina kunder med kvalitetsprodukter och professionell service. Eemann kombinerar precist teknik, prestandastandarder och långsiktig erfarenhet för att leverera produkter av hög kvalitet och precision.

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